Our Portfolio

Black & White
marketing support. We provide marketing support to India’s only magazine dedicated to chess.

IYC World
Editorial Services. IYCWorld, founded in 2001, pioneered technology-led ';Whole School Transformation'; (WST) in 2003. IYCWorld has a Vision of Internet-based education as the driver of Social Infrastructure Transformation across the globe. They envision the current schooling system evolving into knowledge society schools as places of exchange and collaboration between students.
The Goodwill Shop
marketing support, content support. We provide marketing support to The Goodwill Shop, a pro-profit social venture that provides a platform for NGOs, artisans and socially responsible groups to promote their products. WE provide content to their blog, which features individuals and organisations making a difference.

Mentoring Million Minds
Editorial Services. They have literally created the ‘Google of curricular academics’ for CBSE schools and re-written math and science curricular academics into ‘natural chapters’ (e.g. heat, sound, light, circles, congruence) by delineating and aggregating all the concepts from classes V – X. It’s also closely tied to a wide range of career (self-)preparatory resources from class VI onwards!

ITT Dubai
website design and development and content, brochure design and content, company profile. Innovative Technology Solutions, a venture of Innovative Technologies Trading LLC, is a UAE based technology solution provider delivering highly cost effective and state-of-the-art IT services and hardware solutions.

Marketing plan and implementation
Editorial Services. It strives to bind parents, teachers, and principals with a uniquely powerful micro-progress, actionable reporting system that empowers adults to provide the most appropriate emotional and intellectual support to every child. It provides concept-based learning, diagnostic, need-based personal smart class, explanations (much more than answers), choice-based adaptive assessments and much more.